Road Surfacing in Glasgow

Professional Road Surfacing in Glasgow

Here at RM Kennedy & Sons, we are recognised across Lanarkshire and beyond for the quality of our road surfacing. We have built up a reputation for excellence over the long years we have been in business. It is a reputation that’s well-deserved, and one that we take great pains to maintain.

We provide a high standard of road surfacing solutions across the UK. This includes our valued customers in nearby Glasgow and Edinburgh, as further south in Ayr, Carlisle, and beyond.

Road Surfacing in Glasgow and Edinburgh

With decades of experience in road surfacing, we have much to offer our customers across the country. Here is just a few of our more popular services…

High Quality Road Surfacing

At RM Kennedy & Sons, we have the tools, materials, skills, and experience to handle all your road surfacing needs. From the initial groundworks to the final layer of tarmac and asphalt, we provide a complete, end-to-end service. With more than 100 years of experience under our belts, we are a road surfacing firm you can rely upon.

Tarmac and Asphalt Road Surfacing

There are several road surfacing solutions to choose from, each depending on your specifications. At RM Kennedy & Sons, we can advise you on the appropriate materials. The most popular are tarmac and asphalt, which we combine to produce a hard-wearing and durable road surface. This can be amended to meet any particular requirements you might have.

Pothole Repairs

Potholes are not only a driving hazard, but the longer you leave them, the worse they will get. At RM Kennedy & Sons, we can empty, refill, and smooth out potholes quickly and efficiently. We ensure that our replacement tarmac and asphalt matches the rest of the road surface. This way, the structural integrity of the road isn’t compromised.

Road Resurfacing

Wear and tear affect all roads, no matter how much traffic they see. The deterioration often starts at the edges of the road and is an early indicator that the road needs resurfacing. This involves applying a new layer of tarmac and asphalt, rolling it tight to the original surface. It also repairs the damage to the road’s edges.

Surface Dressing

Surface dressing involves spraying the road surface with a coat of hot bitumen and applying a layer of stone chippings. This chippings are then rolled into the binding bitumen to form an additional protective later. This serves several purposes: it waterproofs the surface, reduces the risk of skidding, and prevents damage to the road’s foundations.

Anti-Skid Surfacing

One of our most popular road surfacing solutions is anti-skid surfacing. This is used predominately in built-up areas, where pedestrian safety is paramount. This high-friction surfacing is applied on the approach to junctions, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings. It improves the grip of wheels on the road and reduces the opportunity for skidding when applying the brakes.

Road Planing

If you’re embarking on a lengthy process of road surfacing, it’s well worth considering road planing. This makes larger road surfacing projects more sustainable and, ultimately, more cost effective. It involves reusing bits of the old tarmac and asphalt from the current road. This is melted it down into fresh material, just as hard-wearing as the stuff it’s replacing.

A Range of Road Surfacing Applications

In the years we have been road surfacing in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we have worked with all kinds of organisations. These include local authorities and councils, facilities management and civil engineering contractors, educational establishments, commercial estate agents, and more. We operate alongside builders, utility companies, landscaping firms – anybody, in fact, who can benefit from our road surfacing expertise.

Nationwide Road Surfacing Specialists

You can find the main RM Kennedy & Sons office in the small Lanarkshire town of Shotts. From here we deliver our quality road surfacing solutions across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr, Carlisle, and beyond. While we are proud of our links with Scotland, we are a nationwide road surfacing company, working across the UK.

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For all your road surfacing needs across the UK, contact Lanarkshire’s number one road surfacing specialists – RM Kennedy & Sons. Call today on 01698 870 111, 07967 716 720, or 07788 858 705, for your free, no-obligation quote.

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